What are spider veins?

Spider veins, which are not to be confused with varicose veins, are small, thread-like abnormal veins that typically occur in the lower extremities of the body.

Spider veins are characterised by their distinguished blue, red, or purple colour.

Spider veins are extremely common, especially in women. For most patients, spider veins are merely an aesthetic concern. Luckily, our team here have devised a number of viable spider vein treatments. Sydney and Miranda residents around Sutherland Shire can contact us at their soonest convenience to arrange a consultation with one of our cosmetic team members.

Spider veins, otherwise known as telangiectasis, occur as a result of damage to the valves of the blood vessels in the leg. Our blood vessels – veins, arteries, and capillaries – carry blood to and from the heart. Valves that prevent the backflow of blood are present in most blood vessels. When damaged, blood may begin to pool and result in the formation of spider veins.

The blood vessels in our face can also get damaged by the sun, which can result in broken capillaries. These then present as spider veins in the face. There are a number of factors that can contribute to our risk of developing spider veins such as:

  • Weight – Being overweight increases the pressure on your legs and can increase the risk of spider vein appearance.
  • Venous disease – Venous disease such as venous insufficiency can lead to valve defects which lead to the formation of spider veins.
  • Gender – Studies show that females are more susceptible to developing spider and varicose veins.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy can contribute to the added pressure that increases the risk of spider vein formation.
  • Blood clots – Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can eventually cause damage to the valves.
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What makes an ideal candidate for spider vein removal?

Thanks to the advancements in both technology and medicine, a number of treatments have become available for the removal of spider veins. These treatments can be tailored accordingly to your individual presentations and characteristics, meaning that nearly anyone is a candidate for the removal of spider veins. The ideal candidates are typically those who:

  • Wish to get rid of the unsightly nature of these veins
  • Are suffering from physical symptoms associated with the veins
  • Are prone to further complications if spider veins are left untreated

What are the benefits of spider vein treatment?

Spider vein treatments can offer a number of benefits, both aesthetic and psychological to help improve your quality of life.

The biggest benefits of treating spider veins are:

  • Improvements in self-esteem – The visibility of these abnormal veins on the skin surface may prove unsightly for some, causing people to develop insecurities and preventing them from wearing their favourite summer clothes. Treatment aims to achieve clearer skin allowing people to feel more confident.
  • Pain reduction – For the small minority of sufferers who exhibit symptoms, treatment can help alleviate pain and drastically improve their quality of life.
  • Effective treatments – Our use of medical-grade laser treatment and sclerotherapy ensure that all procedures are painless, quick, and effective.
  • Minimal downtime – One of the best benefits of this procedure is that there is minimal downtime, meaning that you can return to work or your normal routine almost immediately. However, you are advised to keep your leg elevated for at least 24 hours following your procedure and to wear a compression garment for a short period of time.
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Spider vein treatment options

To determine your optimal treatment, it is important you arrange a consultation with one of our team who can extensively assess your veins and formulate a personalised treatment plan for you.

The most common treatments for spider veins are sclerotherapy and laser therapy. In severe cases or in the presence of other underlying diseases, further treatment may be required from a specialist.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy, otherwise known as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) utilises the energy of lasers to dry up the veins found closer to the surface of the skin. The light energy produced by the lasers is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the damaged blood vessels. The heat generated causes the veins to clot and close up, directing blood flow through the healthy veins.

EVLT is a great option for those suffering from spider veins on the face.


Using ultrasound imaging, your veins are assessed and pathways of abnormal blood flow are identified. Your doctor will then mark the target vein before injecting a sclerosing agent through a tiny needle. This agent causes endothelial damage, which causes the death of the affected blood vessels and directs blood flow through alternate routes.

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How much does spider vein treatment cost in Sydney?

The total cost of spider vein treatment is dependent on a variety of factors including:

  • The number of veins you wish to be treated
  • Whether you have any underlying vascular problems that must be addressed first
  • The type of treatment used
  • The number of sessions you require

To determine the entire cost of all of the above, we recommend you arrange a consultation with us so that we can assess your situation and give you an accurate quote.

Why choose Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic

With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic medicine, our cosmetic physician at Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic is able to provide you with exceptional care in the comfort of a doctor’s consultation room. We specialise in minimally invasive treatments that enable you to quickly get back to your routine.

If you are troubled by the sight of spider veins, then contact us at your soonest convenience to find out just how we can help you. We provide spider vein treatment in Sydney and offer our services to the surrounding communities of Sutherland Shire.

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If you have any unanswered questions about spider vein treatment, then turn to the section below:

Alone, spider veins are not normally serious. However, they may be associated with a number of underlying conditions that can be dangerous and must be checked by a specialist.

Yes, treatment has been clinically proven to be effective and completely rid you of spider veins.

Medicare rebates are available for those who are suffering from physical symptoms associated with their vein dysfunction. Medicare is not available for spider vein removal for aesthetic purposes.

Depending on the procedure used, patients may require anywhere between 1-5 treatments to completely resolve their vein issue.

While it is highly unlikely, spider veins can come back if the individual does not follow appropriate after-care or change their lifestyle to that of a more active one.

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