What is Boost and glow Treatment?

Boost and glow uses a Cosmeceutical skin booster which includes peptides, vitamins, and epidermal growth factors, combined with anti winkle toxins type 2A, and it is delivered using the V2 injector gun.

Patients will look plump and saturated, perfect to boost their skin quality for a more youthful glow.

boost and glow
boost and glow

How it works and
treated areas

Face and Neck

Cosmeceutical Skin Booster is precisely placed in the papillary dermis with the V2 gun to hydrate and nurture the tissues which house the majority of the skins fibroblasts to activate new collagen and elastin growth thus re-densifying and thickening the dermal layer of skin.

Anti wrinkle toxins type A is precisely placed in the papillary dermis, this procedure is called micro tox, this technique uses multiple tiny toxin injections just below the surface of the skin, resulting in many benefits and great results, such as

  • Decreases pore size by tightening the skin
  • Decreases facial sweating, flushes or hot flushes
  • Decreases excess oil production
  • Eliminates fine lines
  • Natural results

The V2 injector allows us to deliver the treatment quickly and effectively, also ensuring patient comfort and minimal down time. We can manage the settings to deliver the product in the precise depth and dose required.

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Our highly trained Sydney cosmetic team in Miranda, Sutherland Shire will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve your desired goals. Meet our team below:

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Dr Mutti Khan

With over 20 years of experience as a general and cosmetic doctor, Dr Khan has developed a keen interest in cosmetic surgery. He especially enjoys being part of his clients’ journey through change.

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