What is Hydrodermabrasion?

The secret to healthy, radiant skin is the combination of hydration, antioxidants and collagen.

Factors such as pollution, smoking, sun damage and even genetics can affect your skin’s tone and texture and increase the signs of aging. Combined with the natural effect of gravity, this often results in the formation of unsightly fine lines or sagging skin.

Hydrodermabrasion will help restore your skin to its healthiest state by removing any impurities and revitalizing it with essential nutrients and hydration. For rejuvenation using hydrodermabrasion, Sydney and Miranda, Sutherland Shire residents can turn to the expertise of our cosmetic physician and skilled Aesthetician. Our clinic offers patients a wide variety of options to cater for all their skin concerns and facial rejuvenation needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Hydrodermabrasion is an innovative procedure used for the deep exfoliation of dead skin cells. Adapted from microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion is a much more gentle procedure that removes dead cells from the skin to eliminate skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation. Using the natural healing power of water, hydrodermabrasion exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, whilst simultaneously infusing hydration. 

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Ideal candidates for hydrodermabrasion facial treatment

The ideal candidates for Hydrodermabrasion facial treatment include:

  • All skin types
  • Those with sensitive skin
  • If you’re looking to brighten or polish your skin
  • If you have acne or acne scars
  • Those who have a considerable number of dead skin cells
  • Those who have concerns with aging
  • Those with hyperpigmentation
  • Suitable for all genders
  • Looking for a gentle but thorough facial

Benefits of getting a hydrodermabrasion treatment

Hydrodermabrasion can produce outstanding benefits for all skin types.

Some of the best benefits of this procedure include:

  • Hydrodermabrasion produces immediate results for all skin types after just one treatment.
  • The exfoliation of your skin and removal of dead skin cells improves the texture and tone resulting in a refreshed appearance.
  • It simultaneously provides deeper hydration of the skin whilst improving blood flow.
  • The results lead to visibly smoother-looking, rejuvenated skin.
  • The treatment can be used to improve symptoms of hyperpigmentation.

What can be treated with Hydrodermabrasion?

Hydrodermabrasion is highly effective in treating a number of skin concerns. From improving age spots and blackheads to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the treatment provides immediate results. You’ll see an improvement in hyperpigmentation and a reduction of large pores. It can also be used to treat acne and any scars that may have been left as a result.

Hydrodermabrasion treatment

How does the Hydrodermabrasion treatment work?

The hydrodermabrasion machine uses water jets to gently lift away the top layer of skin whilst infusing hydrating formulas into the skin as it’s being exfoliated. The handheld tool contains a saline solution and oxygen, which enhances and adds hydration to the skin, boosts blood flow and minimizes pores. The serum used as part of the treatment supplies the skin with moisture and nutrients leaving it soft and smooth.

On the day of the treatment

On the day of the treatment, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will take you through the procedure and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. The treatment itself takes approximately 45 minutes. During the procedure, you will not feel any discomfort or pain. Your skin may appear a slight shade of pink afterwards, but that will soon subside. You will be free to use makeup and resume your daily routine as there is no downtime.

What is recovery like after the treatment?

Although there is no downtime, we would highly recommend that you wear sunscreen and try to avoid direct sunlight for several days after the procedure.

What kind of results can I expect?

Your skin will look fresh and feel smooth and rejuvenated straight after treatment. You’ll see immediate results and the benefit it’s had on your complexion.

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How much does a hydrodermabrasion facial cost in Sydney?

The total cost for hydrodermabrasion in Sydney varies greatly on your desired outcomes. Whether you want to only remove fine lines or wish to drastically improve the complexion of your skin, this treatment is for you. The total cost of your procedure will be given to you during your initial consultation with our cosmetic experts.

Why choose Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic

At Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic, our people are our greatest asset. Highly skilled and trained, our team in Miranda offers an approachable and personal service to all of our clients. Our patient-centred approach ensures you receive the best care possible for your individual needs and concerns. Our cosmetic physician and aesthetician in Miranda, Sutherland Shire undergo extensive training on all our treatments to give our clients the best possible results. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Our Team

The Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic team comprises a cosmetic physician, an aesthetician, and friendly front of house staff.

dr mutti khan
Dr Mutti Khan

Dr Khan has a passion for cosmetics that originates from his fascination with how people can change. He has over 20 years of experience in medicine as a General Practitioner and in Cosmetic Medicine. His thorough approach ensures that he is part of his patients’ journey from start to finish.

sabeen khan
Sabeen Khan

Sabeen is our highly skilled Aesthetician. Sabeen is able to use a combination of her profound knowledge and passion for aesthetics to assess your skin and devise a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your desired aesthetic goal.


If you still have some questions regarding hydrodermabrasion, please check some of our Frequently Asked Questions below?

No, the procedure is not painful and you’ll feel no discomfort during or after treatment.

Yes, if you have any of the conditions described in the above article, hydrodermabrasion is a must-have procedure.

Your skin will see immediate results from the procedure and will last for around a month. If you are looking to remove hyper pigmentation, you will start to see results after a few treatments.

You will see immediate results but we recommend booking this treatment as a series of 5 sessions, a week apart and then every two months to maintain results.

Unlike traditional facials, hydrodermabrasion facial treatment provides all skin types with a gentle cleansing and rejuvenating experience without any pain during or after the treatment.

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