Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic - Top Non-Surgical Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney

We are proud to be one of the top non-surgical cosmetic clinics in Sydney led by Dr. Mutti Khan.
At Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic our aim is to collaborate with our patients to achieve a natural aesthetic solution that exceeds their expectations.
In our practice we offer quality, advanced medical aesthetic treatments.
We provide non-surgical cosmetic solutions using the latest technology, techniques & leading brands.

Shire Aesthetics Offers Facial
Rejuvenation Using A Non Surgical Approach

Noninvasive interventions for skin resurfacing, tissue tightening, wrinkle reduction and volume restoration are discussed with an emphasis on exceptional cosmetic outcomes. Our physician aims to offer safe, effective facial rejuvenation to patients who desire maximal results with minimal downtime.

Skin Rejuvenation



  • Laser Hair Removal – Lumenis
  • Skin Resurfacing – Fractional Laser
  • Laser Scar Treatments
  • Lasers for Vascular / Pigmentation / Photo Rejuvenation / Acne Treatments
  • Skin Checks


Meet Dr. Mutti Khan

Dr.Khan is a Cosmetic Physician/Phlebologist who is committed to the advancement of Aesthetic Medicine.

He is a Fellow of Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and has loved the art of Cosmetic Medicine since his medical training began in 1998.

Dr Khan is operating number of clinics in NSW.

Dr. Khan is a Key opinion leader in aesthetic industry and sits on the Board of Directors of Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) as Secretary since 2020.

In 2003 Dr. Khan obtained a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of New South Wales with a strong emphasis on health promotion, primary health care, research, health policy, planning and health services management.

After obtaining his Masters degree in Public Health, he completed four years of training in Family Medicine in Australia, with a heavy emphasis on medical procedures, emergency rooms and urgent care medicine.

Dr. Khan completed formal training in aesthetics and has worked with renowned cosmetic practitioners. He has been dedicated to the specialty of cosmetic medicine for many years and during clinical practice he has spent much time dedicated to continued cosmetic education and training. He is a regular attendee of the National Laser conference and various other national cosmetic medicine conferences and events.

Dr. Khan has a very strong desire to help others improve not only their physical appearance but also to help build self-esteem. His passion for cosmetics comes from his interest and fascination with the way people can change. He enjoys meeting his patient’s aesthetic expectations and loves being a part of his patient’s treatment journey. His cosmetic practice is truly personalized for an experience that the most discriminating patient will appreciate.

His areas of expertise include sclerotherapy for varicose and spider veins, minimally invasive face lifts using threads, Botilinum Toxin for wrinkles /hyperhiderosis, HA based dermal fillers, bio-stimulants, Factor 4, chemical peels, cool sculpting, micro-needling, skin care, skin checks and facial rejuvenation using IPL and lasers.

Hard work, determination and perseverance only begin to describe Dr. Khan’s commitment to aesthetic artistry.

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The most authoritative medical team composed of famous cosmetic physician and aesthetician.

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Premium facial aesthetic clinic located in Miranda, close to the train station and bus stop. There is ample parking across the road in Miranda Fair. 

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At Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic you will benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced medical cosmetic products and treatment methods in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

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Our experienced cosmetic physician and aesthetician will personally customize the most suitable treatment plan according to your specific budget and needs.

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When you book a free consultation you will have an opportunity to learn about loads of successful cosmetic treatments and high level of patient satisfaction.

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We take your beauty as our top priority. At Shire Aesthetics And Vein Clinic, we will provide you with the most natural age-defying secrets.

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We offer a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures at our clinic, from wrinkle treatments to fat transfers, we will have you covered.

The non-surgical cosmetic treatments available in our clinic today are:

  • Wrinkle treatments
  • Facial fillers
  • Skin peels
  • Acne treatments
  • Skin checks
  • Hair removal
  • IPL
  • Lasers 
  • Double chin treatment
  • Face Lift
  • Vein Therapy

You can find us at Level 4 – 86 Kiora Road Miranda NSW 2228, conveniently located nearby to a private hospital and emergency care hospital, opposite the Westfield Miranda.

Our contact number is: 0295753855

Our cosmetic doctor Dr. Mutti Khan is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine. He has a masters degree in Public Health from the University of New South Wales and has completed four years of Family Medicine with a heavy emphasis on medical procedures.

The rest of our staff are all trained to an exceptional level to give you the most comfortable experience.

If you’re after a slight change in appearance, maintaining your healthy skin, or to get a boost of self esteem, then non-surgical procedures are for you.

Traditional surgery results in a larger degree of change, and should only be considered if a non-surgical procedure has not given you the results you were after.

Non-surgical procedures are out there to help not only look good, but to help you feel confident, and help you become the best version of yourself that you can be. We believe that these treatments will help boost your mental status and considerably improve your quality of life.

We take the utmost care when carrying out any cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, however, complications can occur. These complications vary from procedure to procedure, but regular post-procedure visits and reviews will ensure that you are in good hands and detect any possible complications at an early stage. Should you have a complication, Dr Khan will do his best to amend the effects you have experienced.

Non-surgical procedures are varied. The list below describes a few types of non-surgical procedures:

  • Topical: Application of creams and peels
  • Injectable fillers
  • Laser

And many more.

All cosmetic procedures and consultations take place in our clinic. All of these procedures are non-invasive, and do not require us to cut any incisions. This should not cause any scarring.

All of the procedures offered at our practice do not require the need for general anesthesia or operating room, and can all be done in an office setting.

On your first visit you will meet Dr Khan and the medical team behind your care. Here you will discuss your goals, the best cosmetic options for you and be educated on the different options we can offer. You are encouraged to bring a list of questions prior to your consultation.

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